Artist Statement

Carving is a wonderful technique, one process, peeling away the layers, to reveal the finished object.

My main material is stone but I also use wood and metal. I was attracted to stone after my studies, learning by practise and experience. I enjoy and need the physical challenge. I have carved large pieces over 3m tall, 20 metres long and landscape works.

All types of stone interest me from granite to soapstones. It is the colours, the textures and the individual way they are approached. I think as I am working of how they were formed, whether by fire or once swimming in the sea. Also I use stone that was once part of other constructions from bits of Old London Bridge to Stratford Post Office. This is not just economics or recycling, it is carrying on the story – my turn to interpret and add myself to the script.

My many public commissions include Homerton Hospital, St Katherine’s Dock and Herne Bay Kent. I take on commissions large and small, especially site specific sculptures for outdoor environments.